Toowoomba Downhill

2013 Yakima Sunshine MTB Series

Sunday may 12th marked the start of the 2013 Yakima sunshine mountain bike series, downhill category. With rain the night before made the track very grippy and fast which was to make for a very exciting start to the season.

_MAR3800 _DCP7456

Plenty of punters packed the tracked to get the best vantage point to see the riders. The biggest draw card being the very intense rock garden where just getting to the end of the section is seen as a massive achievement. Throughout the day the rock garden was filled with cheers to excite the riders but in the end the rock garden still managed to claim a few riders which came unstuck in the difficult section.

_MAR3247 _MAR3322 _DCP7445

There was a great vibe going around with all the riders having great runs and everyone mentioning how they loved the track which is all due to the hard work put in my Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club and the countless volunteers that pitch in and help make the track what it is today. With so many riders registered to race means that there is plenty of new faces out there showing that downhill mountain biking in qld is getting stronger all the time.

_DCP6936 _DCP7500

A big mention must go out to all the volunteers that helped out on the day to make the event run as smooth as it did. These events just couldn’t happen if it wasn’t for them.

If you would like to see all the event photos please CLICK HERE and the link will take you to the gallery of all the images of race day that are available for purchase. To find images of yourself all you need to do is click the search link in the top right corner of the page type then on the search page type in TDH and your race number. For example TDH123.

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