Canungra Downhill

2013 Yakima Sunshine MTB Series

The weekend of the 13th and 14th of July saw round 4 of the Yakima Sunshine MTB Series move to Canungra downhill to be hosted by Straight To Hell Inc. While early in the morning it looked like it might be a raining day. Luckily the weather held out and was only overcast with patches of sunshine throughout the day.

20130714_1_MAR2578 20130714_2_MAR2579

Everyone got in early an got a handful of practice runs in before qualifying and race runs.

20130714_3_MAR2753 20130714_4_MAR2877

Great tunes and a heap of heckling made the rock chute the place to be.

20130714_8_MAR3589 20130714_7_MAR3385

20130714_5_MAR2925 20130714_6_MAR3190

The rock chute saw most of the action when racing started and with a massive crowd lining the chute it was a really festive atmosphere giving the riders that extra bit of courage to go as fast as possible through the chute.

20130714_9_MAR3974 20130714_10_MAR4017

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