2013 Yakima Sunshine MTB Series

The last day in july sees the 3rd round of the downhill competition move to Beerburrum. With the 2nd round of the series being rained out at Cedar Creek you could tell that all the riders were keen to race. There was a great turn out at the race even though it was raining on and off it didn’t seem to deter any riders or spectators after all this is Beerburrum and I believe it has rained 4 out of 5 times that races have been held here making a wet track the norm.

20130630_1_MAR8906 20130630_3_MAR8938

The riders getting read to start their practice runs early in the morning and a picture of the track after a few runs in a particularly muddy section.

20130630_2_MAR8915 20130630_4_MAR9824

With the morning session getting a good work out meant that people had worked up a massive appetite and headed to the main area to grab a bite before the business end of the day after lunch with seeding and timed runs to come.

20130630_9_MAR9846 20130630_8_DSC3127
20130630_7_DSC3110 20130630_10_MAR9852

Lunched proved to be a great time to clean up the bikes, do a little bit of bush mechanics and of cause chat and catch up with all the other riders in the middle of the road..

20130630_6_MAR9837 20130630_5_MAR9827

With lunch over all the top riders pilled into the shuttles and headed to the start to begin seeding and do timed runs. The crowds really got behind the rider screaming, cheering and a bit of heckling to help them down so of the trickier sections.
20130630_11_MAR0071 20130630_1_MAR9887
20130630_1_MAR9559 20130630_1_MAR9167

The best way to finish your racing day is to grab a corona, have a laugh and get some food into you. Seems as these guys really know how to enjoy themselves.

20130630_13_MAR0334 20130630_12_MAR0317

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