Adare XC

The 4th round of the 2013 Yakima Sunshines MTB Series at Adare XC track.

2013 Yakima Sunshine MTB Series

7th of July saw the 4th round of the 2013 Yakima Sunshines MTB Series come to Adare. It started off as a cold morning with people starting to turn up from about 6am onwards while the campers were still making breakfast or still getting out of bed from the night before around the camp fire.

20130707_1_MAR0634 20130707_2_MAR0641

The crowd grew very fast once the sun was up and it wasn’t long before there a carpark full of car with bike racks. The early risers went out and had a quick ride before the day got under way.

20130707_3_MAR0644 20130707_4_MAR0658

After weeks of rain the gods shown down on Adare and the weather was spectacular to say the least.. By mid morning people were running around in just shorts and a shirt (almost spring weather)..

20130707_5_MAR0661 20130707_1_MAR0663

As the day went on the (angelic?) voices commentated throughout the day to keep punters up to date on what was going on throughout the race..

20130707_7_MAR2464 20130707_1_MAR2191

20130707_8_MAR2532 20130707_1_MAR1714

From the youngest of the field to the elites everyone seemed to have a great time and the atmosphere was amazing. A massive credit goes to “The Riders Club” for all their support and everyone that chipped in to help out especially the Adare Homestead that put on an amazing bonfire on the Saturday night were many stories were shared..

20130707_1_MAR0865 20130707_1_MAR2100

If you would like to see all the event photos please CLICK HERE and the link will take you to the gallery of all the images of race day that are available for purchase. To find images of yourself all you need to do is click the search link in the top right corner of the page, then on the search page type in BB and your race number. For example AD123.

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